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10 Gmail tips you should know

Gmail is certainly one of the most popular e-mail providers in the world. It is very flexible and allows a fantastic interconnection with multiple platforms and is so vast in terms of features that often you do not use its full potential.

So today let's have 10 features you should know.

1 - Keyboard short-cuts
Often when we are writing an email or managing incoming mail, we would prefer to have a keyboard shortcut to be faster and a way to not raise hands from the keys.
Google also thought about it. Thus, you'll find this tip a wide range of shortcuts to do almost anything in your Gmail mailbox.

2 - How to cancel a sent email in Gmail
Gmail is now an indispensable tool in the lives of millions of people, whether in the household or by professional use. When we have too many emails misunderstandings can arise. You can simply enable a feature to undo these mistakes; it is only available for a few seconds after sending the email!
Go to settings > Labs > Search for Undo Send > apply Enable > click Save Changes

3 - Search short-cuts only
The advanced search operators are query words or symbols that perform special actions in Gmail search. These operators allow you to find what you're looking for quickly and accurately. It can also be used to configure filters so that you can organize your inbox automatically. Below we provide some of the most useful operators.

4 - Responses made
If you every day emails where your answer is exactly the same, you can preset a text prepared for just paste and send!
Again, go to Settings, then the Labs tab, then search for the option “Canned Responses”. Enable it and and select Save. Now when composing a new e-mail will see in the bottom right corner of the message box a little arrow next to the trash icon, open that window. You will see a pop-up list, with "Models of response." In this box you can set up some quick and automatic responses.

5 - Open the Gmail faster
Sometimes, the Gmail window takes a while to open. Google knows this and therefore created a faster system to open your online Gmail window. It will basically open Gmail in basic mode. If you add "/? Ui = html "at the end of your url (using, it loads the version without Java Script.
You will see a more "poor" Gmail without many of the modern features, but you will be able to access your e-mail much faster.

6 - points and plus signs do not matter
The email service has a "blind spots" when it comes to full stops and plus signs (+) on users of addresses. Gmail does not recognize the symbols, however you can use these blind spots to create ultra-specific filters, according to this blog post on the official Gmail team.
If you put a plus sign (+) next to e-mail, will not affect the performance of the address (for example, if your username is, would be the same as This may help if you are signing up for something, such as subscribing to a newsletter or a new account on a social network. For example, you can post as a user name, then create a filter for emails to this address.
The same goes for full stops; be used is the same as

7 - Add or subtract tabs inbox
In May 2013, Gmail has updated their inbox while adding new tabs at the top. A "filter" was laid to email separating the Main from Social and Promotions. However, these options are fully customizable.
If you do not like the look of the tabs, go to settings and select "Configure inbox." A pop-up box will appear where you must clear the Social and Promotions option. With that action you will clean your window tabs.

8 - Tab with Icon unread post
If you have dozens of tabs open in your browser, the tab can know how many emails are unread through a score that is shown in tab. To enable this function, go to the Settings section, select the Lab option and browse to the extension "Unread message icon". Enable and save this change and you will now see the number of unread emails in your tab.

9 - A star in your life
Advanced Gmail users are those who are more familiar with the function star, it lets you quickly mark important messages. However, Gmail also has a broader system of stars with various other colours and symbols to distinguish an e-mail in the midst of many.

Go to Settings, General tab and scroll down to stars. Now you can choose from a list of coloured stars and symbols like exclamation points and check marks. Can be a great tool to differentiate and separate colours for the many received messages.

10 - Custom themes
This tip, the last of the day, may be to improve your day, give you a new reason to relax and distract from what you are always looking at. Essentially, you can "paint" the Gmail window with more appealing themes. Click the gear icon in the top right, then click Themes. In this area of Gmail you can choose from classic themes in HD, themes that can be customized by you to the themes with just basic colors.
Finally save your choice.

In short ...
These are 10 tips you can use to improve the performance of your Gmail and your own performance. If you have time you can still test so many other things I did not refer to today.

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