Saturday, 26 July 2014

Check the routes of airline companies

With the help of some websites, passengers can check the paths of airline companies.

The 17th of July of this year, after the MH17 tragedy, may have opened a new phase in how each passenger chooses the airline that will fly. Apart from the quality of service, compliance schedules, ticket prices etc... you may well start to wonder what is the route chosen by each airline to your destination. The sites and give aid to those who want to study a safe journey.

IATA wants governments to assess risks of airspace
Presently, there are "41 kinetic conflicts", identified by the security company iJet International Inc., whose job is to provide information and advise to 'travel departments and airlines.
For the chief executive of IATA (International Air Transport Association), Tony Tyler, "governments must take the initiative to review how risk assessments are made of the airspace" in order to ensure that a tragedy as the flight MH17 never happens again.


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