Saturday, 4 January 2014

Urban Agriculture - Part IV (update)

Today we will have a look into our little balcony in Sydney CBD to see the progress of our veggies and plants.

What we decided to harvest today:
  1. One capsicum;
  2. A lot of chillies
  3. A bit of mint
 Not bad for a small balcony, not bad!

The mint is growing very well, it gets some light but it loves a bit of shade as well and it does not require a lot of water. From tea, drink additive, to fragrance you can use for your house, this is a perfect plant to have.

We decided to plant more coriander seeds since we realise that we are addicted to it and we use it in a lot of our dishes. The chives themselves look fine, we mainly use for soups an Asian dishes.

We've been eating a lot of lettuce as you can see in the picture below. "Perpetual" lettuce is great since you can keep on taking just a couple of leaves at a time, so it will last longer!

We also have some oregano and some other small lettuces in another pot, but this was starting to be used by pigeons as a nest so we had to put some wooden skewers to keep them away.

This was a small update. "O Mundo de Mikey" is trying to show and educate you that growing your own edibles is possible, even in constrained places as a small balcony in the middle of a big city. Yes it is possible, give it a try!

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