Thursday, 16 January 2014

Funny: Top 10 Funny Aussie Photos

Today I will share 10 of my favourite photos taken in Australia. These are Aussie pearls that are meant to make you smile!

(Apologies for the watermark but I've been told that I should put a copyright notice in the images themselves)

Nº10 - Michael is the best

Some days before this graffiti was made Michael, the building manager of our building, sent a letter to all residents informing that some residents were making too much rubish...

Nº9 - Eating out in Australia

Australia has many Asian emigrants and due to that reason there are many Asian restaurants. The problem? Well... sometimes it is difficult to understand the menu!

Nº8 - Sydney Mardi Grass

The Sydney Mardi Gras is an annual LGBT pride parade and festival in Sydney, Australia, attended by hundreds of thousands of people from around Australia and overseas. The sticker above was given to "selected" people, the ones that were too hot 2 handel!

Nº7 - To score or not to score

 It is important to score in that store... or else!

Nº6 - Keep it brief

The image above belongs to a mural in Byron Bay, a beach town. I will leave this image for your own interpretation!

Nº5 - Bear Grylls who?

The sticker above was in an Aussie truck. In Australia going-out camping can be a risk (there are many venomous and dangerous animals), so most of the Aussie campers are as capable to endure in the wild as Bear Grylls (without a safety team around...).

Nº4 - Lost Boyfriend

This notice was at a store window. The image is from Chris Hemsworth a famous Australian actor that portrayed Thor in the latest Marvel franchises.

Nº3 - Turn up naked

In Australia there are many ways to get discounts, one is to turn up naked at the stores.

Nº 2 - Cow House

Some neighbours really love cows!

Nº 1 -Trespassers welcome

This is a private propert... I mean private poetry place, so why not join in?

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