Monday, 27 January 2014


Today I will share 10 photos taken in Australia with a Portuguese flavour on it. For a born Portuguese these are photos that are meant to kill the saudade from home!

 10. Billboard

Emirates billboard in a Sydney train station.

9. Ogalo

 A chicken fast-food chain.

8. Wrap

Portuguese wrap at Coles supermarket.

7. Oporto

Another fast-food chain serving... chicken!

6. Sweet Belem

For me this is the best pastry store in Sydney

5. Silvas

They serve the best charcoal chicken in Sydney but their service could be so much better...

4. Train

Another Emirates ad. After a day's work I can not think of a best train to bring me home.

3. Nando's

It is between a restaurant-chain and a fast-food chain, but of course... they serve chicken.

2. Petersham

The Portuguese neighbourhood in Sydney. Every year there is the Petersham/Portuguese festival.

1. Passport

Not a photo of Sydney or Australia but of my origins.

Final comments
It is interesting to see that a lot of this photos relate to food and more particularly to... chicken. If any Australian visits Portugal I think he/she will be surprised to realise that we do not tend to eat that much chicken. :-)

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