Saturday, 25 January 2014

Funny: Miami, a different look

Today I will share 10 photos taken in Miami. More than beautiful images, these are photos that are meant to make you see Miami possibly with a different look!

1. School Bus

 A bus in a cargo boat.

2. Modernity

 The oldest building in the U.S.A., 12th century Ancient Spanish Monastery, with air conditioning.

 3. Bike for Bus

 Public buses in Miami have structures that allow you to put bicycles in front of the vehicle.

4. Rich and Famous

A boat departing from central station in direction of the islands of the rich and famous.

5. XXL Breasts

In Miami some shop mannequins also go to the plastic surgeon.

6. Try

Poster in a private book-store.

7. Lady vs. Newspaper

A certain "lady" is stealing newspapers from a book-store.

8. Portions

I was told this was a small plate... maybe it is difficult to judge from the photo but I could not finish!

9. Rain vs. Golf

In one of the most expensive golf clubs the rain does not matter.

10. Rooster

Yes, there are roosters in Miami... and they live on the trees!

If you want to see the other type of photos from Miami (the so called beautiful photos) I suggest that you go to Memories from the Road. In there you can see photos that I've taken along my travels.

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