Friday, 10 January 2014

Collaborative Project: HitRECord

Joseph Gordon-Levitt leads a collaborative online project for television. Let's find out more...

The HitRECord is an open community of production developed by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. This company includes video, photography, music, literature, graphic design, illustration, etc.. At HitRECord, anyone can share their work and collaborate with other content and anywhere in the world. The most important is creativity. The end result is in books, vinyl albums and even live ceremonies. Profits are split 50/50 with the artists who contributed.

HitRECord has been featured at the Sundance Festival in 2010 and 2012, at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011.
The company also established a partnership with publisher Harper Collins to produce and distribute three volumes of "The Tiny Book Of Tiny Stories", with texts and illustrations of various participants from different countries.

Joseph has already released the first episode of 22 minutes though the official premiere is on January 18, in the American channel, Pivot. The series will have eight episodes in total. The concept for the first episode is nothing less than "the number one" . The idea of ​​number one may be redundant it is shown how different people see that number. The Gordon-Levitt took the task of conducting the entire program, from sketch to sketch.

You can see the premiere episode of the TV series HitRECord here:

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