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Best apps for Android

2013 was a year of great success for the mobile platform from Google. We all know that Android is the leading platform in the segment of mobile devices for some time, having beaten all records so far. Leadership is due certainly to the adoption of this platform by many manufacturers but also the satisfaction of many millions of users who use it daily.

Today "O Mundo de Mikey" presents a list of the best current applications for Android.

MomentCam - Your smartphone making fantastic caricatures

The MomentCam is an application that is available for Android and iOS. This application allows you to create animated cartoons and also emotions, giving the user a wide combination of scenarios and forms .

Keepass2Android - Password manager
As users of various services available on the Internet (and beyond), typically we need access credentials (user / password). It's the facebook account, the email, the site of finance, bank, school... The Keepass2Android is an excellent application ... to have everything neat and secure.

Aviate - A clever for your Android homescreen
Managing the Android homescreen is not difficult, but requires some customization work . Currently there are launchers for everyone but, in fact, there was none that would suit the moment. The Aviate creates a smart homescreen , ordering applications, in an intelligent way, so that they can provide you with the best information every momento.

Geekbench 3 - Who has the most powerful smartphone/tablet?
The Geekbench 3 is a good application to perform bechmarks. This is one of the most popular applications for performance testing, to evaluate each core of the processor device but also the CPU as a whole.

TouchPal X - Keyboard for Android inspired by Blackberry
The X TouchPal is a new keyboard with a simple but clever layout that significantly improves the productivity level of written text. According to gathered information, with this keyboard the user can save about 90 % of the written word . The X TouchPal supports 70 languages and has different themes available .

Waze - One of the best free services GPS maps
The Waze is a fun application based on traffic and navigation community with approximately 50 million users... and growing. Driving with Waze, each user can immediately contribute to the service, informing other users about traffic dangers on the road movement, presence of police, information about gas stations in a given area and what are the cheapest, etc.

Flipboard - All news in one place
The Flipboard is a news reader and is able to gather a huge amount of content sources, from RSS and Google Reader to social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and 500px. For those unfamiliar, the contents are organized in such a way that it appears to be a custom magazine, built of very careful way.

AirDroid 2 - Access your Android from anywhere
AirDroid is a free, fast and with an excellent interface that allows users to have a device with Android, controls them via simple browser application. AirDroid needs an application server running on android and a client application to run on your PC (in this case a simple browser). Communication between PC and Android via Wifi is established .

Evernote - Creating notes
Evernote is an application that lets you create notes! The space can be organized in different notebooks, which is perfect for organizing information. In the notes you can place text, audio or pictures (and even attach files )! Another interesting feature of Evernote is the ability to share our notes with other service users.

ES File Explorer
ES File Explorer is a comprehensive file manager, which provides a set of useful features .

Pulse - RSS feeds
The Pulse News Reader is an RSS feed reader that transforms the classical list of news in an elegant simple and perfectly suited to touch-screens panel.

Titanium Backup - Backup data
Definitely the application most recommended by many. This application allows very complete backups of your data and applications. Useful for those who have the habit to always modify your hardware and the ROM but does not like losing the scores of the games or the settings of applications. It has the cons of having a very confusing interface is almost impossible to use the application without a tutorial. Free version has many limitations.

Feedly - Just like Reader
Since Google announced it would close the Reader that the strongest alternative to this service have prepared for users who receive this service will fail . The service was Feedly that stood out and one that seems to be more able to give us the same experience as Reader.

Snapseed - Image editing
The Snapseed treats each photograph in a truly exceptional manner and puts in the fingers of the user the editing power of high quality making the experience rich but simple to use as you were a professional.

CamScanner - Scan and sync
CamScanner is intelligent document manager for whom you want to scan, sync, share, and manage multiple documents. With CamScanner, you shall be able to have all documents synchronized between devices.

MacroDroid - Creating Macros
As the name suggests, MacroDroid is an application that lets you create a set of macros in order to automate a series of actions. The MacroDroid, unlike other type applications, presents a well-organized interface and is very simple to create any type of macros.

cgeo - Geocaching
Geocaching is considered by some a sport, an activity to other outdoor leisure air. For many, a treasure hunt of modern times which involves the use of a receiver implementation GPS. cgeo for Android is a great free tool for those who like (or will started to like) to practice Geocaching.

Wifi Analyzer - Finding wireless networks
Wifi Analyzer is a free application developed by farproc that lets you discover wireless networks. Beyond this simple information, this application allows you to perform site surveys, indicating to the user which channels (set of frequencies used by devices to communicate) are occupied by the detected access points.

Dropbox - Storage capability
The Dropbox storage service based on Cloud, hardly needs type of presentation. This service gives us, for example, the possibility of having our information synchronized and accessible on multiple devices.

SwiftKey - Revolutionary keyboard
SwiftKey is a revolutionary keyboard that uses artificial intelligence, and is considered one of the best keyboards for Android. This keyboard was one of the best-selling in 2012, and was the most downloaded paid app. The use of artificial intelligence can predict the next word while users describe.

Teamviewer - Remotely access other computers
TeamViewer is one of the most fantastic and useful tools I know. With it you can remotely access another machine and "command" it. To start up the TeamViewer must open the same side of the PC, and provide the codes so that they can remotely access your machine. It never hurts to remember that this kind of codes should only be provided to persons of your confidence, since with these credentials give full access to your machine.

Tapatalk - Forum discussion
The Tapatalk is a mobile application built for access to discussion forums. Instead of accessing a forum for the desktop version or mobile version, the Tapatalk provides a unified interface to access multiple forums at the same time.

Live Score Addicts
A dynamic application of live football results, with video highlights and customizable notifications. The Live Score Addicts gives you live coverage of the 300 most popular leagues and cups around the world.

K-9 Mail - Email client
K9-Mail is probably one of the best email clients for Android. This client provides support for encryption via the OpenPGH and the possibility of verifying digital signatures. It supports IMAP, POP3, Exchange 2003/2007 (with WebDAV) protocols.

Google Keep - Making notes
The Keep is a service that allows users to make small notes in the form of text, lists or images. This service and very gravitates around the Web and mobile devices, where we can access our notes and create new ones.

TuneIn Radio - Hear radios from all over the world
If you are an audiophile and radio is your company, so be sure to listen to what the world spreading over the Internet. On your smartphone, regardless of the platform you use, you will be able to tune to one of more than 40000 radio stations and have the constant pleasure of world music to your needs and preference.

PowerAmp - Music player
The PowerAMP distinguishes itself from other players for being a fantastic and complete equalizer. Bears a fairly simple and functional appearance, PowerAMP, is an application of the "family" XDA Developers, and is probably one of the best players of today.

Strava Cycling - For cyclists
The Strava Cycling is an application that is available for various mobile platform (e.g. Android, iOS, Garmin devices). This application allows you to record all our turns, analyse performance, and assess the laps of our colleagues from the pedal.

Clean Master - Clean your android
Sit your Android slower, in need of general maintenance? Works as a master in cleaning and it optimizes your Android. It is a tool divided into four distinct features: historical, boost memory, privacy and application manager.
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