Friday, 29 November 2013

"O Mundo de Mikey" and Bitcoins

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What are Bitcoins?
The Bitcoin is a form of currency without notes and coins, it is a digital currency.

What Is So Special About the Bitcoin System?
The Bitcoin is a system which allows you to do anonymous currency transactions and no one will come to know about the payment or about all other info related to the payment, including who sent it, who received it, etc. Essentially, people can do money transactions and no authority or organization will come to know about it.

How do you use Bitcoins then?
Bitcoins are kept in a digital wallet which you can keep in your computer, or on a website online, which will manage and secure your wallet for you. You can have as many wallets and bitcoin addresses (where you receive money from others) as you like.

How many people are using this?
At this very moment, 10.71 million Bitcoins are in existence, which is like 207.929 million USD worth! In one day, more than 45,000 transactions of a total of BTC 2.5 million (worth of USD48.5 million) is handled by the bitcoin network.

The Bitcoin system is being quickly adopted. BTC1 having a worth of USD6 a year ago is now worth of USD19+. Security experts and digital freedom enthusiasts praise Bitcoin system for being a one-of-the-kind system that opens doors to possibilities. Because of its guaranteed anonymity feature, it’s used by people who are concerned of their privacy. As no authority can trace the transactions, this also lead to misuse of the system for example, in illegal work. But just because it can be used for illegal purposes, does not mean we should do it.

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