Thursday, 9 August 2012

Before you speak... T-H-I-N-K

In my current project at First Data in North Sydney we also need to give training and information sessions to certain parts of the organisation... this is nothing new - project management 101. However in one of the walls I read the following:

(Image from:

I am assuming that this is not really targeting people that have questions which should be something more like:

Before you make a question:
H - is it helpful?
N - is it necessary?

 Call me a nerd but I do like this sort of letter association games... when they make sense (well... HN is not really a 'common' word)! When I was a kid I would try to create something similar so I could improve my memory a bit. It is actually a great trick... if you are a student you should try it out, but remember, school it is not only about memorising but to THINK by yourself... this is actually one of my main complaints with the current teaching method of certain schools... well but that can be for another day!

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