Monday, 16 April 2012

Booderee National Park - Another Roadtrip

Easter came and with it a long weekend... the result? another roadtrip, this one to Booderee National Park. 'Booderee' is an Aboriginal word from the Dhurga language meaning 'bay of plenty' or 'plenty of fish'. Booderee is owned by the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community and has always been a significant place for Koori people. The crystal clear waters and rich variety of habitats in Booderee National Park and Botanic Gardens offer visitors a wide range of things to explore.

With over 200 species of birds, 30 species of land mammals and 180 species of fish - Booderee National Park is a fantastic place to meet Australian fauna.
Not very far from the Jervis Bay Booderee National Park has 3 official camping sites, the one that we stayed was Cave Beach. If eventually you camp there, don't be surprise to get a visit from several Kangaroo families (erm.. I think I should rephrase it, you'll be entering a kangaroo area so you'll be visiting the kangaroos!). Moreover from some steps away you will have a empty beach, I should say semi-empty beach since during the day you sometimes see fishermen and surfers.

For these and many other reasons I can honestly say that I am loving my stay in Australia. I love to have the option to go to secluded areas and be immerse by nature and wild life... although not as intense as the Amazon Rainforest (I suspect) Australia allows me to live in Sydney centre and in just a few hours be in this sort of magical (and once more) secluded places.

So far nothing like "127 Hours" has happened (touch wood!) and maybe because I've been quite lucky I suspect that my adventures of the road and into the wild are not over yet.

See some photos taken

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