Thursday, 24 November 2011

End of degree (University of Sydney) aka Vacations

So it seems that my double degree is almost done. All assignments and exams were done and now I am only waiting to get the final results. Hopefully by March I will be getting a diploma for two masters, International Business and Commerce at University of Sydney.

The degree was not that difficult, sometimes it required some hard-work (especially in group assignments) but it was definitely not difficult. Of course in the second year it became a bit more challenging due to my part-time with 2 Matter Consulting, still it was pretty much doable.

Now it is time for holidays. On the 30th of November I am catching the plane to Amsterdam, the Netherlands (where I have lived for almost 6 years) and then on the 10th of December until the 28th I will be in my beautiful home-country Portugal to spend some quality time during Christmas. It will be rather interesting to pack my luggage, here in Sydney is Spring/Summer but in the north hemisphere is Autumn/Winter, hence this will be a quite good exercise for my body temperature!
Eventually I will be back to Sydney on the 30th, I hope there will be time and power to unpack and prepare for the famous Sydney new year's festivities! Hopefully the 'more than 35 hours flight' and the jetlag between Portugal vs. Australia will not take my strengths away.

Finally in January it will be the time to prepare my VISA extension... fingers crossed! I guess I am a good applicant: nice guy, good studies, already with a job in Australia, taxes paid on time, friend of my friends... what else do they want?? :-) well let's hope for the best!

Now it's time to enjoy my well deserved v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n-s!

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