Thursday, 23 June 2011

Exams done, RARE to go. Packing check-list (half-month in the desert)

So exams were done and now it is just a matter of waiting for the results. Hopefully everything goes well.

Saturday will be my departure to Utopia Community, aboriginal community part of the RARE programme. Tickets are bought, backpack is almost done. It is interesting, now that exams are done and before my departure I need to invest a lot of research and study on the aboriginal ventures and their culture... vacations will be for later, maybe a road-trip again and once more having "north" as direction (warmer climate, good beaches and scenery a long the way).

As mentioned many times, I love the feeling of the road and a backpack on my shoulders but before that there is the whole packing exercise. Eventually for the people that usually travel a lot (mainly with a backpack) there are quite a few rules. Travel light and be smart with what to bring. Some say that less is more, but you need to bring the essential, here are some tips:
1- Documents
2- Socks & underwear
3- Toiletry
3- Some medications
4- Some T-shirts, a couple of sweaters and trousers
5- Good warm jacket and rain jacket
6- Good par of shoes
7- Sleeping-bag
8- Some books or other entertainment (please be aware that electricity might not be available)
9- Flash-light (I use one that does not need batteries)
10- Locks for the bag
X- Communication. Bring a cellphone or a communication device (plus charger). This one is not always possible, especially in remote areas, hence it is important to inform family/friends where you are going (remember 127 hours movie? if not go and watch it!)

Of course it depends a bit where you are going to travel to, but this is a nice suggestion if I can say so myself! Let's see how it goes!

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