Sunday, 17 April 2011

Roadtrip aka United Nations car-drive: a few days to go...

So... a Portuguese, a Saudi, a Indonesian, a French and a Dutch go on a road-trip... (no this is not the start of a joke!) ;-) it is actually happening Friday night! According to my father this will be a United Nations car-drive!!

After some discussion on where to go and how to go, everything seems to be now on the right track. Friday at 21h our road-trip will start from Sydney and our destination will be the north. Hopefully the short vacations will give us some: swimming (on lakes and beaches); relaxing time under the sun; and some company and entertainment during the evenings.

As most of you already know I love travelling and the feeling of a backpack on my back makes me smile like few other things.
I have to be honest this past few years I was lucky to travel all around the world... definitely New Zealand and Peru are still in my recent memories but now the road is calling.

PS: ...just realise that it's my birthday tomorrow!

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