Thursday, 3 March 2011

New academic year, new challenges and a part-time job.

So the new academic year started and with it new and more challenges (which is only normal). Here are my new courses for this year:

Semester 3
International Industrial Relations
Intellectual Property Management
Management and Organisations
Social Entrepreneurship

It is getting rather difficult to choose courses, mostly because I am doing a double master degree in which I want to have 2 specific specialisations Strategy Management and in Entrepreneurship and that basically limits a bit my choices. But so far so good.

Also something new also occurred, I am now in a part-time job at a small consulting firm - 2 Matter Consulting which is good to get some extra bucks but also to be investing in the CV while studying. Let's see how it goes and if I can manage 2 masters with 2 specialisations while having a part-time!
Is interesting to actually realise what I've accomplished along this years:

But the question is... what to I want to do in life? Hmm... still do not have the answer for that, maybe (and hopefully) in the future! :-)

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