Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mardi Gras + Gay Parade

Yesterday was the 33th Gay Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney. Jenny, Avery and myself decided to go to the parade to see how it was ... the show only started at 19h45 but at 18h it was already bursting of people!

Some people started doing business with benches and plastic crates, why? They were used so people to stand-up higher than the rest... the problem was that a lot of people started buying those benches and suddenly people were putting benches upon benches! (Too bad I do not have pictures of that!)

The parade is a celebration such as Carnival but to celebrate the diversity. According to my investigation in 1977 when they tried to make a gay parade most people was busted but yesterday the police paraded with choreography! In addition to the police there were various pro-gay-right groups', for me the highlight were the march of municipal fire-fighters and lifeguards! Not in even in Amsterdam I had seen something like this.

By the end of Mardi Gras my friends and I decided to go to a Chinese restaurant (there is no shortage Chinese restaurants in Sydney) where people only spoke Mandarin (!) obviously left the conversation to my chinese colleagues Jenny and the Avery ...

It was after midnight when I finally put the key in the door to have a well-deserved night's rest... here are some photos.

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